License Plate Messaging
Send A Message To The Driver Of Any Vehicle
Pick Up Messages Sent To Your License Plate
Receive Courtesy Parking Lot Notifications
View Your License Plates Past Look-ups
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Haloplate is the Nations Largest License Plate Messaging Service.

Users remain anonymous. Vehicles are not.

  • Message Vehicle Owners Via Their Vehicles License Plate.
  • Retrieve Your License Plates Past Messages Sent.
  • View How Many Times Your Vehicle Has Been “Looked Up”.
  • A Free Service. No Credit Card Required.


If you own a car. There is no logical reason as to why you wouldn’t sign up for this service.

Brad D., Seattle, WA

Saved me from an expensive tow. Thanks Haloplate. Thanks Macys!!

Christine A., New Jersey, NJ

Tinder for cars!

Nathan K., San Franciso CA

Even if a driver has’nt registered yet. There is something VERY gratifying about messaging their license plate for future delivery.

Stephanie T., Santa Monica, CA

It works! I got a reply within 2 minutes from a person blocking my driveway.

Catherine H., Chicago, IL

Just signed up and had a message waiting from a guy interested in buying my 67′ Mustang. How great is that.

Tom O., Simi Valley, CA

Such a functional and feel good app.

Sean K., San Franciso CA


Automagical Install

No App Download Required.

Built on next generation App technology. Haloplate automatically configures to every mobile device.

Claim Your License Plate

Retrieve past messages sent.

Receive instant text notifications for new messages sent. See your license plates past “look-ups” prior to registration.

Anonymous Messaging

Message any license plate anonymously.

All Haloplate messages are delivered without any sender detail or identifiable information.

Parking Lot Coverage

Never get ticketed or towed again.

Receive courtesy parking warning notifications from over 180,000 + partnered parking lots, Nationwide.

Valet Retrieval Request

Call up your car in a touch.

Touch to request your cars retrieval. Receive a Haloplate notification from Valet when your car is up front & center.

Message Fleet Vehicles

Comment or complaint?

Instantly message the dispatcher or driver of any of Haloplates 375,000 + registered commercial fleet vehicles.

Block User Control

Block Unwelcomed Messages

Members blocked x3/48hrs = 14 day Suspension. Reactivated Members blocked x2/24hrs = Account Termination.

Exchange Archiving

All messaging automatically indexed.

Review, reference, delay response, unblock senders or delete any messaging exchange either initiated or received.

Simple To Manage

On your desktop or mobile device.

Add new vehicles, adjust message notifications or simply manage your messages. Anywhere, from any device.

Social Media Integration

Share your humorous messaging exchanges.

Post exchanges on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Note: The other messaged party always displays as anonymous.


Always Connected. License Plate Messaging.
  • Receive notifications when your vehicle is the cause of concern while unattended.
  • Receive courtesy, parking violation warnings from over 180,000+ Haloplate partnered Parking Lots Nationwide.
  • Message other vehicle drivers via messaging their license plate.
  • Anonymity guaranteed. All vehicle owners are only identified by their messaged vehicles license plate.


Top Individual Messages
Blocked Driveways
Lights Left On Etc.
Social Connections
Top Parking Lot Operator Messages
Intent To Tow
Time Limit Warnings
Garage Closing Wanrings


Exceeding Parking Limits

Expired Free Parking at a Retail Parking Lot

Avoid a parking ticket or worse again, being Towed. Send a thank you response and move your car as quickly as possible.

Valet Vehicle Retrieval

Experience zero delay from Valet.

Touch to request your vehicles retrieval. Be instantly notified by your Valet attendant when your vehicle has been pulled up front.

Blocked Driveways

One of our most popular messages

Instant relief for both parties. A driveway unblocked. A Vehicle just minutes from being Towed or cited. A popular resolve.

Car Lights Left On

A simple mistake that can cause delay.

Avoid battery jumps or having to call AAA. Receive lights left on alerts from Parking lot Attendants & Good Samaritans.

Social Introductions

Share a smile with a vehicles driver?

Or simply see a classic car you would love to someday buy. Nothing messaged, nothing gained. Afterall, you’re Haloplate anonymous.

Car Alarm Sounding

Especially Late Night Car Alarms Sounding

Always fun at 3AM. Message the vehicles plate. The owner will instantly receive a text notification so you can get back to sleep.

Obstructed Parking Exit

Vehicles that are blocked in by others.

Message the vehicles plate to get the driver to move their vehicle. A truck, no problem. Likely a Haloplate fleet managed vehicle.

Vehicle Hit & Run

Witness a vehicle hit another parked car?

Message the vehicles owner via their license plate with as much information as possible, including license plate detail.

Pets Left In Hot Cars

The unforgiveable and our personal reward.

Anytime you see a dog suffering in silence in a hot car. Immediately message the vehicle owner. Help Save Its life.

Driving Commentary

Inevitable comments about parking.

Senders of unwelcomed comments are easily blocked. But enough comments, time for improvement?


If you have any questions or concerns,
please get in touch with us.

Our Customer Support hours are 7AM – 7PM (PST), 7 Days a week. Haloplate Inc. San Francisco, CA.
(800) 506-HALO (4256)
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